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Defined in:  C4Input.h
Returns the HID usage of an input device.

uint32 GetInputDeviceHidUsage(voidconst;

The GetInputDeviceHidUsage function returns the 32-bit HID usage value for an input device. The high 16 bits contain the usage page, and the low 16 bits contain the specific usage value within that page. The Input Manager recognizes input devices having the following usage pages defined by the HID Specification.
0x0001 Generic Desktop Controls
0x0002 Simulation Controls
0x0004 Sport Controls
0x0005 Game Controls
Mice, keyboards, joysticks, and most other game input devices belong to the Generic Desktop Controls page. However, keep in mind that many of the controls belonging to those devices belong to other pages. See the specific input device subclasses for more information about HID usages for the controls belonging to each particular type of device.
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