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Defined in:  TSBivector3D.h
Sets all three components of a bivector.

Bivector3D& Set(float a, float b, float c);

Bivector3D& Set(const Point2D& p, const Point2D& q);

Bivector3D& Set(const Point2D& p, const Vector2D& v);

a The value of the e23 coordinate.
b The value of the e31 coordinate.
c The value of the e12 coordinate.
p,q Two 2D points that lie on the line.
v A 2D direction vector.
The Set function replaces all three components of a bivector with new values.

If points p and q are specified, then the bivector is initialized to the wedge product between homogeneous extensions of p and q with z coordinates set to 1, giving a representation of the 2D line containing both points. If the point p and the direction v are specified, then the line contains the point p and runs parallel to the direction v.

The return value is a reference to the bivector object.