C4 Engine version 7.0 is now available.

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A desktop license for
new users costs $100.

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Previous Licensees

Everyone who’s ever had a perpetual license gets the new C4 Engine for free.

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The C4 Engine runs on 64-bit Windows 10/11,
PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,
Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Technical information about the C4 Engine is available
in the API documentation and on the wiki.

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About the C4 Engine

The C4 Engine has been in continuous development by Eric Lengyel since 1999. He leads a small team that is making a first-person shooter called The 31st.

We are making the C4 Engine available for licensing so that others can make their own games with the same tech or so they can learn about engine development by watching us make ours.

The best reasons NOT to use the C4 Engine