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The Stroke Widget displays a vector-based line that can have cap styles and dashing. A stroke widget is drawn using the Slug Library.

The widget color controls the color of the stroke.


The following settings are available specifically for Stroke Widgets.



Stroke Settings

Stroke thickness

Specifies the thickness of the stroke, in pixels.

Stroke caps

Determines what style of caps are drawn for the stroke. This can be one of the following values:

  • Flat No caps are drawn, and the stroke has flat ends.
  • Triangle Triangular caps are drawn. The distance from each endpoint to the tip of the triangle is half the stroke's thickness.
  • Square Square caps are drawn. These extend the stroke by half its thickness at each end.
  • Round Circular caps are drawn. The radius is half the stroke's thickness.

Draw dashed stroke

Determines whether the stroke is drawn with dashing. If dashing is enabled, then each dash has the cap style specified by Stroke caps.

Dash length

Specifies the length of each visible dash, in pixels.

Gap length

Specifies the length of the empty gap between dashes, in pixels.

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