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class ControllerRegistration

Defined in:  C4Controller.h
The ControllerRegistration class manages internal registration information for a custom controller type.

class ControllerRegistration : public Registration<Controller, ControllerRegistration>

Member Functions
ControllerRegistration::GetControllerType Returns the registered controller type.
ControllerRegistration::GetControllerName Returns the human-readable controller name.
ControllerRegistration::GetFirstFunctionRegistration Returns the first function registration.
ControllerRegistration::GetLastFunctionRegistration Returns the last function registration.
ControllerRegistration::FindFunctionRegistration Returns a specific function registration.

ControllerRegistration(ControllerType type, const char *name);

type The controller type.
name The controller name.
The ControllerRegistration class is abstract and serves as the common base class for the template class ControllerReg. A custom controller is registered with the engine by instantiating an object of type ControllerReg<classType>, where classType is the type of the controller subclass being registered.
Base Classes
Registration<Controller, ControllerRegistration> A controller registration is a specific type of registration object.
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