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class MethodRegistration

Defined in:  C4Methods.h
The MethodRegistration class manages internal registration information for a custom script method type.

class MethodRegistration : public Registration<Method, MethodRegistration>

Member Functions
MethodRegistration::GetMethodType Returns the registered method type.
MethodRegistration::GetMethodFlags Returns the method flags.
MethodRegistration::GetMethodName Returns the human-readable method name.

MethodRegistration(MethodType type, const char *name, uint32 flags = 0, MethodGroup group = 0);

type The method type.
name The method name.
flags The method flags. See below for possible values.
group The group to which the method belongs. This should be 0 for all custom methods.
The MethodRegistration class is abstract and serves as the common base class for the template class MethodReg. A custom script method is registered with the engine by instantiating an object of type MethodReg<classType>, where classType is the type of the method subclass being registered.

The flags parameter can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kMethodNoTarget The method does not operate on a target node. This flag prevents a target node from being assigned in the Script Editor.
kMethodNoSelfTarget The method cannot operate on the node to which its script controller is attached. This flag prevents the controller target from being selected as the target node in the Script Editor.
kMethodNoMessage The method does not generate any controller messages. This flag prevents a generic controller from being assigned to the target node in the Script Editor.
kMethodOutputValue The method generates an output value that can be stored in a script variable. This flag allows an output variable to be assigned in the Script Editor.
Base Classes
Registration<Method, MethodRegistration> A method registration is a specific type of registration object.
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