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class FlareEffectObject

Defined in:  C4Effects.h
The FlareEffectObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a fractional-occlusion flare effect.

class FlareEffectObject : public EffectObject

Member Functions
FlareEffectObject::GetFlareRadius Returns the flare radius.
FlareEffectObject::SetFlareRadius Sets the flare radius.
FlareEffectObject::GetOcclusionRadius Returns the occlusion query radius.
FlareEffectObject::SetOcclusionRadius Sets the occlusion query radius.
FlareEffectObject::GetRotationRadius Returns the occlusion rotation radius.
FlareEffectObject::SetRotationRadius Sets the occlusion rotation radius.
FlareEffectObject::GetFlareTextureName Returns the name of the flare texture.
FlareEffectObject::SetFlareTextureName Sets the name of the flare texture.

FlareEffectObject(float flare, float occlusion, float rotation, const char *textureName);

flare The radius of the flare.
occlusion The radius of the occlusion query.
rotation The occlusion rotation radius.
textureName The name of the flare texture.

Base Classes
EffectObject A FlareEffectObject is an object that can be shared by multiple flare effect nodes.
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