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class MarkingList

Defined in:  C4Markings.h
The MarkingList class contains a list of marking effects.

class MarkingList : public List<MarkingEffect>

Member Functions
MarkingList::HandleDestruction Called when all parts of a surface marking have been destroyed.


The MarkingList class is used to contain a list of the marking effects created during a single call to the MarkingEffect::NewMarkingEffect function. When a new surface marking is created, it can be split over multiple geometries, and each part gets its own MarkingEffect node. If a pointer to a MarkingList object (or a subclass object) is specified in the MarkingData structure, then all of the MarkingEffect nodes are added to that list.

When the last marking effect in the list is destroyed because its lifetime has expired, the MarkingList::HandleDestruction function is called. This function should be implemented by a custom subclass of the MarkingList class to perform any action required when the marking completely disappears from the scene. The HandleDestruction function is not called if no marking effects are created in the first place during a call to the MarkingEffect::NewMarkingEffect function.

Destroying a MarkingList object effectively removes the entire surface marking from the scene.
Base Classes
List<MarkingEffect> A QuadEffectObject is an object that can be shared by multiple quad effect nodes.
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