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class TruncatedConeShaftEffect

Defined in:  C4Shafts.h
The TruncatedConeShaftEffect class represents a truncated cone light shaft effect node in a world.

class TruncatedConeShaftEffect final : public ShaftEffect


TruncatedConeShaftEffect(const Vector2D& size, float height, float ratio, const ColorRGBA& color);

size The size of the light shaft's cross section at the base.
height The height of the light shaft.
ratio The ratio of the upper size to the base size.
color The color of the light shaft.
The TruncatedConeShaftEffect class represents a light shaft effect node having an elliptical cross section at the base whose dimensions are specified by the size parameter. The size of the light shaft tapers over its height to the ratio specified by the ratio parameter.
Base Classes
ShaftEffect A truncated cone shaft effect is a specific type of shaft effect.
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