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class GraphicsMgr

Defined in:  C4Graphics.h
The Graphics Manager class.

class GraphicsMgr : public Manager<GraphicsMgr>

Member Functions
GraphicsMgr::ClearColorBuffer Clears the color buffer.
GraphicsMgr::GetCameraObject Returns the current camera object.
GraphicsMgr::GetCameraTransformable Returns the current camera transform.
GraphicsMgr::GetLightObject Returns the current light object.
GraphicsMgr::GetLightTransformable Returns the current light transform.
GraphicsMgr::Draw Draws a set of renderable objects.
The GraphicsMgr class encapsulates the 3D graphics rendering facilities of the engine. The single instance of the Graphics Manager is constructed during an application's initialization and destroyed at termination.

The Graphics Manager's member functions are accessed through the global pointer TheGraphicsMgr.
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