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class MouseDevice

Defined in:  C4Input.h
Encapsulates a mouse device.

class MouseDevice final : public InputDevice

The MouseDevice class encapsulates a mouse device. Each mouse device has a HID usage value of 0x00010002 (mouse) or 0x00010001 (pointer).

The following table lists the input controls that normally belong to a mouse device and their corresponding 32-bit HID usage values. A mouse device may have only a subset of these controls, and it may have additional controls that are not listed here. The axis controls listed in the table are relative axes represented by the DeltaAxisControl class, and the button controls are generic buttons represented by the GenericButtonControl class.
0x00010030 Horizontal movement axis.
0x00010031 Vertical movement axis.
0x00010032 Scroll wheel.
0x00090001 Left button.
0x00090002 Right button.
0x00090003 Middle button.
Base Classes
InputDevice A MouseDevice is a specific type of input device.
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