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class TruncatedPyramidShapeObject

Defined in:  C4Shapes.h
The TruncatedPyramidShapeObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a truncated pyramid shape.

class TruncatedPyramidShapeObject : public ShapeObject, public TruncatedPyramidVolume


TruncatedPyramidShapeObject(const Vector2D& size, float height, float ratio);

size The size of truncated pyramid base.
height The height of the truncated pyramid.
ratio The ratio of the size of the top face to the size of the bottom face (base) of the truncated pyramid.
The TruncatedPyramidShapeObject class encapsulates a physics shape that is a truncated pyramid whose dimensions are specified by the size, height, and ratio parameters.
Base Classes
ShapeObject A TruncatedPyramidShapeObject is an object that can be shared by multiple truncated pyramid shape nodes.
TruncatedPyramidVolume A TruncatedPyramidShapeObject is represented by a generic truncated pyramid volume.
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