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class Application

Defined in:  C4Application.h
The Application class is the application module base class.

class Application : public Global<Application>

Member Functions
Application::HandleConnectionEvent Called to handle a network connection event.
Application::HandlePlayerEvent Called to handle a player-related event.
Application::HandleGameEvent Called to handle an event pertaining to the entire game.
Application::CreateMessage Called to create an application-defined message.
Application::ReceiveMessage Called when an application-defined message is received.
Application::ApplicationTask Called once per application loop to allow the application module to perform periodic processing.
The Application class represents the application module and provides an interface through which the engine module can communicate with an application. When the application module is loaded, the engine calls the Construct function defined in the dynamic link library. The Construct function should return a pointer to a newly-constructed subclass of the Application class.

The Application class's member functions are accessed through the global pointer TheApplication.
Base Classes
Global<Application> The application module is accessed through the global pointer TheApplication.