C4 Engine
C4 Engine API Documentation

class Engine

Defined in:  C4Engine.h
The Engine class is the primary engine manager object.

class Engine : public Manager<Engine>

Member Functions
Engine::GetEngineFlags Returns flags indicating the current engine state.
Engine::GetOutputResolution Returns the resolution of the final output view.
Engine::GetPrimaryResolution Returns the current resolution of the primary rendering buffers.
Engine::GetCommand Returns a system command.
Engine::GetFirstCommand Returns the first system command.
Engine::AddCommand Registers a system command.
Engine::GetVariable Returns a system variable.
Engine::GetFirstVariable Returns the first system variable.
Engine::AddVariable Registers a system variable.
Engine::InstallReporter Installs a report handler.
Engine::Report Reports a text message to the engine.
Engine::InstallMouseEventHandler Installs a mouse event handler.
Engine::InstallKeyboardEventHandler Installs a keyboard event handler.
Engine::InstallDisplayEventHandler Installs a display event handler.
Engine::Quit Causes the engine to quit.
Engine::ConfigureEngineWindow Configures the engine display window.
Engine::OpenExternalWebBrowser Launches the default web browser and navigates to a URL.
The Engine class is the primary engine manager object. It controls all of the other manager objects, provides low-level system utilities, and manages system commands and variables. The single instance of the Engine class is automatically constructed during an application's initialization and destroyed at termination.

The Engine class's member functions are accessed through the global pointer TheEngine.