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class Variable

Defined in:  C4Variables.h
The Variable class stores a system variable.

class Variable : public MapElement<Variable>, public Observable<Variable>

Member Functions
Variable::GetVariableName Returns the variable name.
Variable::GetVariableFlags Returns the variable flags.
Variable::SetVariableFlags Returns the variable flags.
Variable::GetValue Returns the variable value as a string.
Variable::SetValue Sets the variable value as a string.
Variable::GetIntegerValue Returns the variable value as an integer.
Variable::SetIntegerValue Sets the variable value as an integer.
Variable::GetFloatValue Returns the variable value as a floating-point number.
Variable::SetFloatValue Returns the variable value as a floating-point number.

explicit Variable(const char *name, uint32 flags = 0,

Variable::ObserverType *observer = nullptr);

name A pointer to the name of the variable.
flags The variable flags. See below for possible values.
observer An observer that is invoked when the variable is modified.
The Variable class encapsulates the name and value of a system variable. The value of a system variable is a text string containing up to kMaxVariableValueLength characters. The initial value of a variable upon construction is the empty string.

The flags parameter specifies a set of flags that control properties of the variable. The flags can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kVariableNonpersistent The variable should not be saved across different executions of the engine.
kVariablePermanent The variable cannot be deleted by the user.
If the observer parameter is specified, then it provides an observer function that is called each time the variable's value is modified through one of the member functions that set the value.

Once a variable has been created, it can be registered with the engine by calling the Engine::AddVariable function. A variable is unregistered by simply destroying it.
Base Classes
MapElement<Variable> Used internally to store all variables in a map.
Observable<Variable> Observers can be invoked when the variable is modified.
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