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class ListElement

Defined in:  TSList.h
Objects inherit from the ListElement class so that they can be stored in a list.

template <class type> class ListElement : public ListElementBase

Member Functions
ListElement::GetPreviousListElement Returns the previous element in a list.
ListElement::GetNextListElement Returns the next element in a list.
ListElement::GetOwningList Returns the list to which an object belongs.
ListElement::Detach Removes an object from any list to which it belongs.
Template Parameters
type The type of the class that can be stored in a list. This parameter should be the type of the class that inherits directly from the ListElement class.


The ListElement class should be declared as a base class for objects that need to be stored in a list. The type template parameter should match the class type of such objects, and these objects can be stored in a List container declared with the same type template parameter.
Base Classes
ListElementBase Used internally to encapsulate common functionality that is independent of the template parameter.
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