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class World

Defined in:  C4World.h
The World class encapsulates a complete world.

class World : public LinkTarget<World>

Member Functions
World::GetWorldFlags Returns the world flags.
World::SetWorldFlags Sets the world flags.
World::SetFinalColorTransform Sets the color transform used in post-processing.
World::GetRootNode Returns the root node of a world.
World::AddNewNode Adds a new node to the world and preprocesses it.
World::GetWorldCamera Returns the current camera.
World::SetWorldCamera Sets the current camera.
World::GetController Returns the controller having a specific controller index.
World::AddInteractor Adds an interactor to a world.
World::RemoveInteractor Removes an interactor from a world.
World::DetectInteractions Tests for interactions in a world.
World::SetWorldRenderResolution Sets the resolution of the viewport into which the world is rendered.
World::RenderWorld Renders a world.
World::DetectCollision Detects a collision between world geometry and a swept sphere.
World::QueryCollision Detects whether a swept sphere collides with world geometry or rigid bodies.
World::QueryProximity Enumerates the world geometry nodes and rigid bodies that intersect a sphere.
World::ActivateTriggers Activates all triggers through which a given segment passes.
World::HandleNewRigidBodyContact Called by default when a new contact is made between two rigid bodies.
World::HandleNewGeometryContact Called by default when a new contact is made between a rigid body and a geometry node.
World::HandlePhysicsSpaceExit Called by default when a rigid body exits the volume enclosed by the physics space.

World(const char *name, uint32 flags = 0);

World(Node *root, uint32 flags = 0);

name The name of a world resource.
root A pointer to the root node of the world's transform tree.
flags The initial world flags.

Base Classes
LinkTarget<World> Used internally by the World Manager.
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