Multipane Widget

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The Multipane Widget displays a multipane box. The border and selection tabs are displayed outside the actual boundary of the widget.

The widget color controls the color of the border.


The following settings are available specifically for Multipane Widgets.



Multipane Settings

Line style

Determines whether the border is rendered as solid, dotted (with either one-pixel dots or two-pixel dots), or dashed.

Pane title font

Determines what font is used to display pane titles.

Pane list

Specifies the list of pane titles, where each title is separated from the next by a semicolon.

Initial selection

Determines which pane is initially selected. A value of −1 indicates that no pane is selected.

Button color

Controls the color of the pane tabs.

Highlight color

If checked, controls the color of the selected pane tab, overriding the default highlight color specified by the $hiliteColor system variable.

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