Release Notes for Build 111

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Release date: July 26, 2005

  • Fixed a minor glitch in the light region determination code that could cause light regions generated by large portals to be too small. This only affected point lights, and could cause the illumination to drop out too early as the camera turned away from the portal.
  • Implemented a new diagnostic mechanism that displays light regions. This is toggled on/off by using the command rgns in the command console. The green lines that are shown represent the edges of the light regions generated by portals for every light source that can shine through a portal. Only geometry intersecting any particular light region is considered to be potentially lit by the light source generating the region.
  • Changed the Controller::Activate() function so that it takes an additional parameter that indicates which trigger node caused the controller to be activated, if any. See the function documentation at Controller::Activate.
  • Fixed a small problem in which the BoxGeometryObject primitive would not generate the right polygons if the number of subdivisions in the x and y directions were not the same.
  • Added the kNodeGenerateInhibit flag to the flags that can be set for the Node class. This flag prevents the node from participating in resource generation (shadow maps, environment maps, and ambient maps).
  • Added a flexibility array to the fluid geometry. This controls how much each vertex in a fluid is able to move so that non-square borders can be used with a fluid surface.
  • Added the option to include an uncompressed fallback format when importing a texture map and using S3TC compression. (If a texture resource contains both compressed and uncompressed images, only the one that's actually used gets loaded.)