Release Notes for Build 125

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Release date: June 30, 2006

  • Implemented an entity placement tool pane in the World Editor. An entity is placed in the world by selecting an entity type from the list, clicking on the entity's position, and dragging to rotate it into the desired orientation. This places an actual entity node into the scene, but it has no model hierarchy until the world is loaded for gameplay. An entity may be initially disabled in the Get Info dialog, in which case it is not rendered until it is explicitly enabled.
  • The EntityRegistration class now accepts a controller type parameter that specifies the type of controller to automatically assign to an entity when it is placed in a world using the World Editor. The Skeleton game code has been modified to demonstrate how to register the entity for the green bouncing balls and automatically assign the BallController to them. Also, all of the collectable items in the demo game code have been upgraded to use the new entity placement system with automatic assignment of the Collectable controller.
  • Updated the Collada 1.4 import tool to handle some additional variations of skinning data.
  • Added simple mouse smoothing code. Mouse smoothing can be turned on and off in the Control Settings dialog. The default setting is on.
  • Implemented some experimental frame time filtering code. This should help smooth jitters out when frame deltas change by a large amount.
  • Added some code that should make monitor frequency selection more reliable under Windows in full-screen mode.
  • The menu bar will now always appear if the console window is opened without a world being loaded.
  • Fixed a problem in the game code that would cause a crash if the camera view was changed in spectator mode.