Release Notes for Build 136

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Release date: May 22, 2007

  • There have been several problems with input not responding on the Mac lately. This issue has been traced to behavior changes in some MacOS X HID Manager functions introduced by the latest security updates from Apple. Some users would have started experiencing the problem after upgrading to MacOS 10.4.9, and other users would have seen the problem only after installing security update 2007-004. A workaround has been implemented in the engine, so all input problems on the Mac should now be resolved.
  • Added some new optimizations to the shadow culling code that will stop unnecessary shadows from being drawn in some cases.
  • Added a new feature to the motion blur effect that uses fast-clearing hardware to initialize the velocity buffer to the correct background velocity when appropriate. This allows motion blur to be applied when the clear color is being used in a world, and it provides a more optimal way to set the velocity of a skybox. There is no case in which this has any additional performance cost.
  • Improved the quality of horizon mapping when used in conjunction with parallax mapping.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in the world editor and demo game.