Release Notes for Build 138

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Release date: August 18, 2007

  • A new script method called "Change Settings" has been added to the core scripting system. This method lets a script change the same settings for an object that are displayed in the World Editor's Get Info dialog. Not all of every object's settings are exposed to scripts because there are some things that can't be changed dynamically, but in general, any object setting for which it makes sense to change can now be changed by a script. A single method can change any number of settings from a single settings category (each tab in the Get Info dialog represents a separate category), and each changed setting generates a journaled message that overrides any previous changes to the same setting.

In the Script Editor, once a target has been chosen for the Change Settings method, a list of available categories appears. Clicking on a category causes the settings in that category to be displayed. Initially, all of the settings are in an indeterminate state, meaning that they are not changed by the script method. Modifying a setting causes it to be added to the method. The settings can be put back into the indeterminate state by clicking the Reset button.

  • The Change Light Color script method has been removed because it has been subsumed by the Change Settings method.
  • The Function::Execute() function now takes a ScriptState object as a second parameter so that it's possible to retrieve information about the activator and trigger nodes.
  • The Script Editor and Panel Editor will now accept the Enter and Escape keys as shortcuts for the OK and Cancel buttons. If the Cancel button is clicked, or the Escape key is pressed, and changes have been made, a confirmation dialog is displayed.
  • The Script Editor and Panel Editor windows are now resizeable.
  • Added the Ticker mutator to the panel effect code. This mutator can be applied to a text item to make the text scroll left or right and be clipped against the edges of the item's bounding box. A new check box in the Panel Editor lets you choose to put the text all on one line, and this must be checked for the Ticker mutator to do anything.
  • The Texture Importer tool now supports 8-bit grayscale TGA files.
  • Added a rotation menu to the animation import picker in the Model Viewer. This lets you rotate a character by any multiple of 90 degrees and hardwire it into the animation.
  • Made several additions to the Collada Importer tool to handle various quirks in the exporters out there.
  • Implemented several bug fixes and minor feature requests that aren't listed here.