Release Notes for Version 1.5.2

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Release date: February 13, 2009

Core Engine


  • The method by which normal vectors for terrain geometries are calculated has been changed again. Existing terrains can be updated by selecting all of the geometries in a block and choosing Rebuild Primitive from the Geometry menu in the World Editor.
  • A new setting has been added to the Graphics Options dialog called "Use high-detail terrain textures". If this box is unchecked, then terrain palettes having entries of size 1024×1024 or larger are reduced in resolution to one-half size. This box is unchecked by default on the Mac due to some driver issues with 4096×4096 textures.


  • This release contains a few workarounds for driver bugs on ATI hardware and on the Mac.
  • Antialiasing is now enabled on ATI hardware because it works correctly in their latest drivers.
  • The S3TC compression algorithm has been improved a little bit in this release. Some textures will now compress with higher quality.
  • Texture array functionality is disabled on ATI hardware in this release, and this will continue to be the case until ATI supplies correctly working drivers. This only affects terrain texture palettes that were imported in version 1.5.1.


Collada Importer

  • The Collada Importer tool now imports camera nodes. Only perspective cameras are supported.