Release Notes for Version 2.5.1

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Release date: February 15, 2011

Core Engine

Interface Manager

  • The list widget now allows items to be inactivated so that they can't be selected. A list item is made inactive by setting the kWidgetInactive bit with the SetWidgetState() function.

System Utilities

  • Support for non-English keyboards has been significantly improved under Windows. The engine explicitly recognizes dead keys now when typing accented letters. The key used to open the console is now always the key below the Escape key, and not necessarily the key for the accent grave.

Math Library

  • The Asin() and Acos() functions now clamp their arguments to the range [−1.0, 1.0] so that input values outside the domain of the inverse sine and inverse cosine functions don't generate NaNs.


  • Fields can now be disabled so that they don't apply any forces.
  • Fixed a problem where the wrong transform would be applied to a mover when it reached the beginning or ending position. This only happened if the mover target was not in the root zone.


  • Several stability improvements have been made to the Panel Editor.