Release Notes for Version 2.7.1

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Release date: November 14, 2011

Core Engine

  • A workaround has been implemented for a shadow trashing bug in the AMD graphics drivers that occurs mainly on Radeon HD 4xxx GPUs.
  • A problem related to wheel sensitivity on certain mice has been fixed.
  • A problem that caused geometries rendered as decals to not be completely opaque has been fixed.
  • A bug in the cylinder trigger detection code has been fixed.


  • A new Preprocess() function has been added to the EditorPlugin class in addition to the existing Initialize() function. These functions are called at different times during the construction of a new editor window to allow plugins to perform initialization tasks. Custom pages should always be created and added to the editor window in the Initialize() function. Any code that needs access to the scene data must be placed in the Preprocess() function.
  • A bug has been fixed in the Panel Editor that prevented hidden or locked widgets inside groups from being unhidden or unlocked.