Release Notes for Version 5.5

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Release date: November 16, 2016

(C4 version 5.5 corresponds to Tombstone version 1.5.)

Core Engine

Graphics Manager

  • This version of the engine contains a workaround that avoids a bug in the current AMD graphics drivers. This has to do with the code that resolves the multisample frame buffer.

Interface Manager

  • The appearance of the set of GUI widgets has been updated to be more crisp and to be ready for high DPI displays. The graphical elements used by the GUI are now stored in a single 2D array texture at Data/Engine/engine/Gui.tex.
  • Added settings to the image widget so that an array layer, depth coordinate, or cube face can be specified for 2D array, 3D, and cube map textures.
  • The multipane widget is now a subclass of the border widget, and the pane tabs are simply added on to an ordinary border.
  • A window can now directly receive mouse wheel events that are not handled by any of its subwidgets.


Panel Editor

  • The Panel Editor has received some minor updates. There are now plus and minus buttons for adding and removing mutators.

Script Editor

  • Fixed a problem that would cause the Script Editor to crash if you clicked on the little arrow icon that indicates a method has an output variable assigned to it.

World Editor

  • Fixed a problem that would prevent lights and sources from being rotated or resized in the viewports.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause geometry to be corrupted when a material replacement was undone.