Release Notes for Version 5.5.1

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Release date: December 6, 2016

(C4 version 5.5.1 corresponds to Tombstone version 1.5.1.)

Core Engine

  • The API documentation has been corrected in many places to update function names in cross references.

World Manager

  • New settings have been added to the Interaction property that let you specify object-space axis and angle constraints that have to be satisfied for an object to appear interactive. The direction that the camera is looking must be within the specified angle of the selected axis or an interaction will not be detected. The angle constraint is specified as the minimum cosine of the angle between the look direction and the axis. The constraint can be disabled by selected <None> as the axis, and in that case, the Interaction property behaves as it does in previous versions.


Texture Generation

  • The texture generation code for environment maps, cube projections, spot projections, impostor textures, and radiosity spaces had been broken by changes to other parts of the engine. They now all work correctly.

World Editor

  • Fixed a problem that would cause emitter volumes to disappear when you zoom in on them.