Release Notes for Version 7.0

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Release date: TBD in 2020

Core Engine

  • The Color4C class has been renamed to Color4U to reflect the fact that it has unsigned components. There are also new classes called Color2U, Color2S, and Color4S, where the number 2 or 4 indicates the number of channels, and the letter U or S indicates unsigned or signed.
  • Support for the Open Data Description Language (OpenDDL) has been updated to version 3.0.

Graphics Manager

  • Complete support for proper sRGB color handling has been implemented throughout the engine.
  • Rendering resolution decoupled from display.
  • SSAO/HBAO improved.
  • Parallax mapping improved.
  • CSM improved.
  • Halo normalization + geometry optimization
  • Atmospheric shadowing.
  • Radiosity -> Illuminance.
  • Shader LOD removed.


  • Motor skinning.

Interface Manager

  • Icon / picture widgets.

Effect Manager

  • Icon / picture effects.


World Editor

  • Icons updated.
  • Paint space flow maps.
  • Illuminance spaces. (Progress shown in taskbar.)

Texture Tool

  • itexture and inormal commands.

Shader Editor

  • Interpolant processes are now colored blue to make them easier to identify in a shader graph.
  • The Minimum and Maximum processes can now take an optional third operand. If three operands are supplied, then the result is the least or greatest of all three inputs.

Font Importer

  • Font importing capabilities have been upgraded to Slug version 5.2. In particular, .otf files are supported in addition to .ttf files.