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Defined in:  C4Effects.h
Returns the effect type.

EffectType GetEffectType(voidconst;

The GetEffectType function returns the specific effect type, which can be one of the following constants or an application-defined type.
kEffectQuad Generic billboarded quad effect.
kEffectFlare Fractional-occlusion flare effect.
kEffectBeam Polyboard beam effect.
kEffectTube Polyboard tube effect.
kEffectBolt Lightning bolt effect.
kEffectFire Procedural fire effect.
kEffectShockwave Shockwave distortion effect.
kEffectText Material-based text effect.
kEffectIcon Material-based icon effect.
kEffectPicture Material-based picture effect.
kEffectHalo Volumetric halo effect.
kEffectShaft Volumetric light shaft effect.
kEffectFur Fur shading effect.
kEffectPanel Interface panel effect.
kEffectMarking Surface marking effect.
kEffectParticleSystem Particle system effect.