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Defined in:  C4Particles.h
Sets the particle system flags.

void SetParticleSystemFlags(uint32 flags);

flags The new particle system flags.
The GetParticleSystemFlags function sets the particle system flags to the value specified by the flags parameter. The particle system flags can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kParticleSystemSelfDestruct The particle system should delete itself once all the particles have died.
kParticleSystemNonpersistent The particles are not saved when the particle system is serialized.
kParticleSystemStaticBoundingBox The particle system has a static bounding box that is calculated by the specific subclass, and the bounding box should bot be recalculated automatically based on the actual particle positions. If this flag is set, then the subclass must override the Node::CalculateBoundingBox function.
kParticleSystemFreezeInvisible The particle system is not animated when it was not rendered on the previous frame.
kParticleSystemUnfreezeDynamic The particle system is always animated if it has been invalidated since the previous frame.
kParticleSystemObjectSpace The particle positions are given in object-space coordinates, and the Renderable::SetTransformable function has been used to set the transformable to the particle system itself.
kParticleSystemSoftDepth The particles fade out as they get close to scene geometry to avoid depth-testing artifacts.
kParticleSystemDepthRamp The particles fade out within a range of camera-space depths to avoid blinking out when they pass through the near plane.
The initial value of the particle system flags is 0.
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