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class FileReference

Defined in:  C4Files.h
The FileReference class is used to represent one item in a list of files returned by the FileMgr::BuildFileMap function.

class FileReference : public ListElement<FileReference>

Member Functions
FileReference::GetFileName Returns the name stored in a FileReference object.
FileReference::GetFileFlags Returns the flags associated with a FileReference object.

FileReference(const char *name, uint32 flags = 0);

name A pointer to the name of the file. If a path name is specified, it is interpreted relative to the application. Directory names preceding a file name or another directory name should be followed by a single forward slash character (/).
flags The flags associated with the file.
The FileReference class stores the name of a single file. If the name parameter points to a string longer than kMaxFileNameLength, then it is truncated to this length. Applications typically do not need to construct FileReference objects since they are returned in the list built by the FileMgr::BuildFileMap function.

The flags parameter can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following bit values.
kFileDirectory The file reference represents a directory.
kFileInvisible The file is invisible.
Base Classes
MapElement<FileReference> FileReference objects are stored in a map by the FileMgr::BuildFileMap function.
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