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Defined in:  C4Attributes.h
Returns the type of an attribute.

AttributeType GetAttributeType(voidconst;

The GetAttributeType function returns the type of an attribute, which can be one of the following constants.
kAttributeDiffuse Diffuse reflection color.
kAttributeSpecular Specular reflection color and power.
kAttributeEmission Emission color.
kAttributeEnvironment Environment reflection color.
kAttributeReflection Reflection buffer parameters.
kAttributeRefraction Refraction buffer parameters.
kAttributeDiffuseTexture Diffuse color texture.
kAttributeSpecularTexture Specular color texture.
kAttributeEmissionTexture Emission texture.
kAttributeNormalTexture Normal texture.
kAttributeParallaxTexture Parallax texture.
kAttributeHorizonTexture Horizon texture.
kAttributeOpacityTexture Opacity texture.
kAttributeEnvironmentTexture Environment texture.
kAttributeShader Shader graph.