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Defined in:  C4LightObjects.h
Returns the light flags.

uint32 GetLightFlags(voidconst;

The GetLightFlags function returns the light flags, which can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kLightStatic The light is static (does not move).
kLightShadowInhibit The light does not cast shadows.
kLightGenerator The light generates a projected texture.
kLightUnified The light can be combined with ambient lighting to produce unified shaders (infinite light only).
kLightPortalInhibit The light does not shine through portals.
kLightConfined The light is confined to a small sphere (point light only).
kLightInstanceShadowSpace If the light is not directly connected to a shadow space, then it should use the shadow space connected by an instance super node.
kLightAtmosphereShadow The atmospheric shadowing effect is rendered for the light (infinite light only). Ignored if the kLightShadowInhibit flag is set.
kLightRootZoneInhibit The light's illumination tree should be rooted only in zones that connect to it and not its containing zone (infinite light only).
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