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Defined in:  C4MaterialObjects.h
Sets the material flags.

void SetMaterialFlags(uint32 flags);

flags The new material flags.
The GetMaterialFlags function sets the material flags, which can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kMaterialTwoSided The material is rendered two-sided.
kMaterialAlphaTest Use alpha testing with the material.
kMaterialEmissionGlow The emission term contributes to the glow post-processing effect.
kMaterialSpecularBloom The specular term contributes to the bloom post-processing effect.
kMaterialAlphaCoverage The alpha output value controls the fragment coverage. (Has no effect if multisampling is disabled.)
kMaterialSampleShading Enable per-sample fragment shading, if available on the GPU. (This can have a significant performance impact.)
kMaterialVertexOcclusion Apply per-vertex ambient occlusion using the alpha channel of the vertex color.
kMaterialOcclusionInhibit Do not apply screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO).
kMaterialIlluminanceSpaceInhibit Do not apply lighting from illuminance spaces.
kMaterialAnimateTexcoord0 Apply animation to the primary texcoord.
kMaterialAnimateTexcoord1 Apply animation to the secondary texcoord.
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