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Defined in:  C4Renderable.h
Sets the vertex buffer array flags.

void SetVertexBufferArrayFlags(uint32 flags);

flags The new vertex buffer array flags.
The SetVertexBufferArrayFlags function sets the flags that determine from which vertex buffer each vertex attribute array is read. For each bit position n in the flags parameter, a bit value of zero indicates that the data for vertex attribute array n should be read from the primary vertex buffer having index kVertexBufferAttributeArray0, and a bit value of one indicates that the data should be read from the secondary vertex buffer having index kVertexBufferAttributeArray1.

A value containing a one in the correct bit position for a particular vertex attribute array can be obtained by shifting the number one left by the number of bits equal to the array's index. For example, to indicate that the vertex attribute with index kArrayColor be read from the secondary vertex buffer, use the value (1 << kArrayColor).

By default, the value of the vertex buffer array flags is all zeros.
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