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class InputControl

Defined in:  C4Input.h
Encapsulates an individual input device control.

class InputControl : public Tree<InputControl>, public Memory<InputDevice>

Member Functions
InputControl::GetInputControlType Returns the type of an input control.
InputControl::GetInputControlHidUsage Returns the 32-bit HID usage value for an input control.
InputControl::GetInputControlName Returns the name of an input control.
InputControl::GetInputControlAction Returns the action assigned to an input control.
InputControl::SetInputControlAction Assigns an action to an input control.
The InputControl class represents an individual input control for an input device. An input control can have one of the following types.
kInputControlGroup Group of input controls.
kInputControlKeyButton Key button control.
kInputControlGenericButton Generic button control.
kInputControlDirectional Directional pad control.
kInputControlLinearAxis Linear axis control.
kInputControlRotationAxis Rotation axis control.
kInputControlDeltaAxis Delta axis control.
kInputControlSlider Slider control.
Events for an input control are communicated to the application through Action objects. An action is assigned to an input control using the InputControl::SetInputControlAction function.
Base Classes
Tree<InputMgr> Input controls are organized in a tree hierarchy.
Memory<InputDevice> Input controls are allocated in a dedicated heap.
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