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class XboxDevice

Defined in:  C4Input.h
Encapsulates an Xbox controller device (Xbox and Windows only).

class XboxDevice final : public InputDevice

The XboxDevice class encapsulates an Xbox game controller device. This type of input device can exist only on the Xbox and Windows platforms.

The following table lists the input controls belonging to an Xbox device and their corresponding 32-bit HID usage values. All Xbox devices have exactly the input controls listed in this table and no others.
0x00010030 Left stick x axis.
0x00010031 Left stick y axis.
0x00010032 Right stick x axis.
0x00010035 Right stick y axis.
0x00010033 Left trigger.
0x00010034 Right trigger.
0x00010090 Directional pad up.
0x00010091 Directional pad down.
0x00010092 Directional pad right.
0x00010093 Directional pad down.
0x00090001 A button.
0x00090002 B button.
0x00090003 X button.
0x00090004 Y button.
0x00090005 Left shoulder button.
0x00090006 Right shoulder button.
0x00090007 Back button or view button.
0x00090008 Start button or menu button.
0x00090009 Left stick button.
0x0009000A Right stick button.
Base Classes
InputDevice An XboxDevice is a specific type of input device.
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