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class CharacterController

Defined in:  C4Character.h
The CharacterController class manages a basic character model.

class CharacterController : public RigidBodyController

Member Functions
CharacterController::GetGroundCosine Returns the minimum ground cosine value.
CharacterController::SetGroundCosine Sets the minimum ground cosine value.
CharacterController::GetGroundContact Returns a contact with the ground.
CharacterController::SetCharacterOrientation Sets the orientation of a character model.

CharacterController(ControllerType type);

type The controller type.
The CharacterController class is an extension of the RigidBodyController class, and it implements a small amount of functionality that is commonly needed for basic characters.

The CharacterController class expects its target node to have exact one Shape subnode. To faciliate robust and fast character physics, the character controller always keeps this shape in a fixed orientation. The CharacterController::SetCharacterOrientation function should always be used to change the direction in which the character faces.
Base Classes
RigidBodyController A CharacterController is a specific type of rigid body controller.