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class Resource

Defined in:  C4Resources.h
The Resource class encapsulates an individual data resource.

template <class type> class Resource : public ResourceBase

Member Functions
Resource::GetResource Returns a pointer to a resource object.
Resource::Release Releases a resource object.
Resource::GetResourceName Returns the name of a resource.
Resource::GetResourceSize Returns the size of a resource.
Resource::GetResourceData Returns a pointer to the data contained in a resource object.
Resource::OpenLoader Opens a loader object for a particular resource.
Resource::CloseLoader Closes a loader object.
Resource::LoadResource Loads the data for a resource object.
Template Parameters
type The type of the Resource subclass. This parameter should be the type of the class that inherits directly from the Resource class.

Resource(const char *name, ResourceCatalog *catalog);

name The resource name.
catalog The catalog through which the resource is loaded.
The Resource class template encapsulates an individual data resource of the type specified by the type template parameter. Each type of resource is represented by an object of a class type derived from the Resource class template, where the type template parameter is the same as the type of the subclass.

A new resource is created by calling the Resource::GetResource function. A resource is released by calling the Resource::Release function. Resources are reference counted, so it is possible to acquire a pointer to the same resource object multiple times through calls to the GetResource function. Each such call must be balanced by a matching call to the Release function.
Base Classes
ResourceBase Used internally to encapsulate common functionality for all resource types.
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