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Defined in:  C4Engine.h
Reports a text message to the engine.

static void Report(const char *text, uint32 flags = 0);

text The text message to report.
flags Flags pertaining to the message.
The Report function reports the text message pointed to by the text parameter to the engine. This has the effect of invoking the report callback functions for any instances of the Reporter class that have been installed using the Engine::InstallReporter function.

The flags parameter specifies options that may be considered by any of the installed reporters. This parameter can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kReportLog The text is written to the standard log file.
kReportError The text should be considered to be an error message.
kReportSuccess The text should be considered to be a success message.
kReportHeading The text should be formatted as a heading.
kReportFormatted The text is preformatted and should be output with no changes to its spacing.
The engine installs its own reporter that ignores all messages except those that have the kReportLog flag set. The console window installs a reporter that displays all messages that do not have the kReportLog flag set.
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