C4 Engine
C4 Engine API Documentation

System Utilities

Application The application module base class.
Batch Represents a batch of jobs.
BatchJob Represents a single job that can be part of a batch.
Command Stores a system command.
ConfigDataDescription The data description subclass for the engine's configuration files.
Creatable The base class for class types that can be extended by application-defined subclasses.
Creator Encapsulates a creator callback function for application-defined subclasses.
DataDescription Represents a derivative file format based on the OpenDDL language.
DataStructure Represents a specific built-in primitive data structure in an OpenDDL file.
DisplayEventHandler Encapsulates a display event handler function.
Engine The primary engine manager object.
Global The base class for global objects.
ImageExportPlugin The base class for all image export plugins.
ImageImportPlugin The base class for all image import plugins.
ImagePlugin The base class for all image import plugins and image export plugins.
Job Represents a single job.
KeyboardEventHandler Encapsulates a keyboard event handler callback function.
Lock Encapsulates a shared lock object for multithreaded synchronization.
MouseEventHandler Encapsulates a mouse event handler callback function.
Mutex Encapsulates a mutual exclusion object for multithreaded synchronization.
Plugin The base class for all engine plugins.
PluginMgr The Plugin Manager class.
PrimitiveStructure Base class for built-in primitive data structures in an OpenDDL file.
Registrable The base class for class types that can have custom subclasses that are registered with the engine.
Registration The base class for registration objects.
Reporter Handles messages passed to the system report chain.
Signal Encapsulates a signal object for multithreaded synchronization.
Structure Represents a data structure in an OpenDDL file.
StructureRef Represents a structure reference in an OpenDDL file.
Thread Encapsulates a thread of execution.
ThreadMgr The Thread Manager class.
Variable Stores a system variable.
Data Contains functions used to parse the Open Data Description Language (OpenDDL).