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class EditorPage

Defined in:  C4EditorPages.h
The EditorPage class represents a World Editor tool page.

class EditorPage : public Page, public Packable, public ListElement<EditorPage>, public MapElement<EditorPage>


EditorPage(PageType type, const char *panelName, int32 index = kEditorBookObject);

type The type of the page.
panelName The name of the panel resource to load for the page.
index The index of the book to which the page belongs.
The EditorPage class is the base class for all World Editor tool pages.

The index parameter specifies which book the page belongs to. It can be one of the following values.
kEditorBookObject Object book.
kEditorBookMaterial Material book.
kEditorBookEarth Earth book.
kEditorBookInstance Instance book.
kEditorBookEditor Editor book.
Base Classes
Page The EditorPage class is an extension of a general tool page.
ListElement<EditorPage> Used internally by the World Editor.
MapElement<EditorPage> Used internally by the World Editor.