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Defined in:  C4Node.h
Sets the node flags.

void SetNodeFlags(uint32 flags);

flags The new node flags.
The SetNodeFlags function sets the node flags to the value given by the flags parameter, which can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following bit flags.
kNodeNonpersistent The node is skipped during world serialization.
kNodeDisabled The node is disabled (applies to most node types).
kNodeCloneInhibit The node is skipped during a cloning operation.
kNodeAnimateInhibit The node is not animated in any way as part of a model hierarchy.
kNodeAnimateSubtree The node's subnodes can still be animated when kNodeAnimateInhibit is set.
kNodeUnsharedObject The node's object should be replicated instead of shared when the node is replicated.
kNodeDirectEnableOnly The node can only be enabled or disabled by applying such an operation directly to the node, and not to a predecessor in the transform tree.
kNodeSubzoneAmbient When a node is a member of a zone and at least one of its subzones, the ambient environments for the subzones have priority.
kNodeTransformAnimationInhibit Animation is not applied to the node's transform. (Ignored if kNodeAnimateInhibit is specified.)
kNodeMorphWeightAnimationInhibit Animation is not applied to the morph weights if the node has a morph controller. (Ignored if kNodeAnimateInhibit is specified.)
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