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The List Widget displays a list box with a scroll bar.

The widget color controls the color of the list's border.


The following settings are available specifically for List Widgets.



List Settings

Item spacing

Specifies the vertical distance from one list item to the next. The height of the list box should be a multiple of this value to avoid extra space at the bottom of the list.

Item offset X

Specifies a horizontal offset for items displayed in the list.

Item offset Y

Specifies a vertical offset for items displayed in the list.

Allow multiple selection

Enables multiple items to be selected in the list at the same time.

Render focus plain (no glow)

Causes the keyboard focus glow to not be rendered.

Leave list items enabled

Causes items in the list to be left in an enabled state to allow user interaction directly with each item.

Background color

Specifies the color of the list background.

Highlight color

If checked, specifies the color of the highlight used to indicate selected items, overriding the default highlight color specified by the $hiliteColor system variable.

Focus glow color

If checked, specifies the color of the glow drawn around the list box when it has the keyboard focus, overriding the default glow color given by the $hiliteColor system variable multiplied by 5/8.

Text item font

Determines what font is used to display plain text list items.

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