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The Rigid Body Controller is a type of controller that represents a rigid body in a physics simulation. The Rigid Body Controller is built into the core engine, and it's used for all solid objects that move under the control of the built-in physics system.


The following settings are available for Rigid Body Controllers.



Rigid Body Flags

Initially asleep

If checked, then the rigid body is initially in the sleeping state. It will not be moved under it is explicitly awakened or another object collides with it.

Ignore force fields

If checked, then force fields do not affect this rigid body.

Physical Properties

Gravity multiplier

The factor by which the force of gravity is multiplied for this rigid body.

Fluid drag multiplier

The factor by which fluid drag forces are multiplied for this rigid body.

Wind drag multiplier

The factor by which wind drag forces are multiplied for this rigid body.

Restitution coefficient

The fraction of momentum that is retained when this rigid body bounces during a collision.

Friction coefficient

The coefficient used in friction force calculations. This value should usually be between 0.0 and 1.0.

Spin friction multiplier

Determines how much friction is applied in the special case that the rigid body is spinning on a single point like a top. This value should be between 0.0 and 1.0, and it multiplies the ordinary friction coefficient.

Rolling resistance

The internal force that is applied to counteract this rigid body's angular velocity. Good values for the rolling resistance usually lie between 0.0 and 0.1.

Sleep Parameters

Sleep box multiplier

Multiplies the size of the sleep boxes used to determine when a rigid body should go to sleep. Larger values increase the tendency for a rigid body to sleep, and smaller values cause a rigid body to stay awake longer.

Rotational multiplier

An additional multiplier for the rotational sleep boxes that influences how quickly a rotating object falls asleep.

Network Settings

Snapshot period

The time between network snapshots for this rigid body. Larger values mean that the motion of the rigid body is predicted on client machines for a longer time before being corrected, but network traffic is also lowered.

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