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class Function

Defined in:  C4Controller.h
Every function object that is exposed by a controller is a subclass of the Function class.

class Function : public Completable<Function>, public Packable, public Configurable

Member Functions
Function::GetFunctionType Returns the function type.

Function(FunctionType funcType, ControllerType contType);

funcType The function type.
contType The controller type to which the function applies.
The Function class is the base class for all controller function objects. A Function subclass represents a specific function, associated with a particular type of controller, that can be called from a script.
Base Classes
Completable<Property> A function calls its completion callback when it has finished.
Packable Function objects can be packed for storage in resources.
Configurable Function objects can define configurable parameters that are exposed as user interface widgets in the Script Editor.
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