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class Configurable

Defined in:  C4Configurable.h
Objects that need to display a user configuration interface are subclasses of the Configurable class.

class Configurable

Member Functions
Configurable::BuildSettingList Called to retrieve the settings for a configurable object.
Configurable::CommitSetting Called to update a particular setting for a configurable object.
Configurable::BeginConfigurationCommit Called when the settings for a configurable object are about to be updated.
Configurable::EndConfigurationCommit Called when the settings for a configurable object have finished being updated.


The Configurable class is a base class used by all user-configurable objects. It contains virtual functions that are used for getting and setting properties that can be changed by the user in an editor of some kind. These functions are typically called by the ConfigurationWidget class when building the interface widgets for a configurable object and committing the changes made by the user.
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