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class Effect

Defined in:  C4Effects.h
The Effect class represents a special effect node in a world.

class Effect : public RenderableNode, public ListElement<Effect>, public Registrable<Effect, EffectRegistration>

Member Functions
Effect::GetEffectType Returns the effect type.
Effect::GetEffectListIndex Returns the effect list index.
Effect::SetEffectListIndex Sets the effect list index.
Effect::SetDistortionState Sets the state necessary for rendering into the distortion buffer.
Effect::WakeEffect Wakes a sleeping effect.
Effect::SleepEffect Puts an effect to sleep.
Effect::MoveEffect Called once per frame to move an effect.
Effect::RenderEffect Called when an effect should be rendered.

Effect(EffectType type, RenderType renderType, uint32 renderState = 0);

type The effect type.
renderType The render type passed to the Renderable base class.
renderState The render state passed to the Renderable base class.
The Effect class serves as the base class for all special effect nodes in the world. The engine defines several standard subclasses for various built-in effects such as particle systems and light shafts. Custom effects can be defined by an application and registered with the engine.
Base Classes
RenderableNode An Effect node is a renderable scene graph node.
ListElement<Effect> Used internally by the World Manager.
Registrable<Effect, EffectRegistration> Custom effect types can be registered with the engine.
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