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class ColorSetting

Defined in:  C4Configuration.h
The ColorSetting class is used for a color setting represented by a color box.

class ColorSetting : public Setting

Member Functions
ColorSetting::GetColor Returns the color stored in the setting.

ColorSetting(Type identifier, const char *title, const ColorRGBA& color, const char *picker, uint32 flags = 0);

identifier The setting's unique identifier.
title The title of the setting.
color The initial color for the setting.
picker The title of the color picker dialog.
flags The flags passed to the color picker dialog.
The ColorSetting class represents a setting that displays a color box and has an RGBA color value. The flags parameter specifies the color picker flags that are passed to the ColorPicker constructor when the user clicks on the color box. The flags can be zero or the following value.
kColorPickerAlpha Allow the alpha value to be changed.
Base Classes
Setting A ColorSetting is a specific type of setting.