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class SnapshotSender

Defined in:  C4Messages.h
The base class for objects that need to send snapshot data.

class SnapshotSender : public ListElement<SnapshotSender>

Member Functions
SnapshotSender::SendSnapshot Called when the Message Manager sends a snapshot.
SnapshotSender::GetSnapshotPeriod Returns the snapshot period.
SnapshotSender::SetSnapshotPeriod Sets the snapshot period.
SnapshotSender::ExpediteSnapshot Causes a snapshot to be sent as soon as possible.


The SnapshotSender class is the base class that objects should inherit from if they need to send snapshot data to client machines in a multiplayer game. Snapshots are sent at regular intervals by the Message Manager. When a snapshot is sent, the SnapshotSender::SendSnapshot function is called for each snapshot sender that is currently registered. (A subclass of SnapshotSender must override this function.) A snapshot sender is registered by calling the MessageMgr::AddSnapshotSender function.

The Message Manager regularly schedules opportunities to send a snapshot at the interval set by the MessageMgr::SetSnapshotInterval function. A snapshot sender may send a snapshot at each opportunity, or it may send a snapshot only at each n-th opportunity, where n is a period set by the SnapshotSender::SetSnapshotPeriod function. By default, the snapshot period is 1, meaning that a snapshot is sent at every opportunity scheduled by the Message Manager.
Base Classes
ListElement<SnapshotSender> Used internally by the Message Manager.
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